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A "Bike Commuting Tips" Visitor Wrote:


Nice page! (And a really nice collection of bikes!). Do you like the Conti Top Tour tires on your Nashbar? I tour a lot, though unfortunately not too much this year, and I'm always looking out for good reviews on tires. (Whomever develops the ultimate "worry-free" bike tire truly deserves the Nobel Prize, IMHO)

- Mike Ayers

" " "

Hi Mike,

There are two tire brands I'm pretty enthusiastic about for bicycle commuting.

One is Continental. I've used Continental Grand Prix road bike clincher tires on my roadbikes; and Continental Town & Country MTB Tire on my Specialized Stumpjumper mountain/city bike. I've also used Continental Top Touring tires on my touring bikes. I've found that all Continental tires roll really great, resist punctures well, grip well in turns, and are fairly durable. Plus I think the reddish sidewalls are really attractive.

The other tire brand I've become particularly enthusiastic about is the Panaracer Pasela TourGuard tire, which I have been using for about a year on my Bianchi Boardwalk. I haven't had a flat yet (knock wood), the tires roll very well, but the most amazing thing is their durability. This bike stays outside all the time, often with sun beating on it all day. This usually causes tires to fade and crack, and these haven't (so far).

I've tried different brands (Specialized, IRC, Avocet, Michelin) of road/street tires, with varying success. In my early bike commuting, I would try whatever tire was a bargain. These days I am more interested in puncture resistance and durability. Bicycle tires are not very expensive, compared to most things. So I'll make the investment to avoid trouble on the road. I insist on some sort of Kevlar lining.



P.S. Watch out for Goathead Thorns. I have yet to find a tire that is effective where puncture vine proliferates.

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