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A "Bike Commuting Tips" Visitor Wrote:


I just read your essay on bike commuting on the internet. I was hoping to find a section on getting to work without wrinkled khakis, any tips in this area?

Gregory White

" " "

Hi Gregory,

Wrinkle free bike commuting? Not something I have a lot of experience in, as I'm something of a frumpled "Oscar Madison" type anyway, and my job allows me to work mostly in jeans and casual shirts.

However, Dave Glowacz's great book, Urban Bikers' Tricks & Tips: Low-Tech & No-Tech Ways to Find, Ride, & Keep a Bicycle has a few suggestions. They include "rolling" your garments for carrying instead of folding; a "loose folding" technique that groups several items together; and using a special "garment bag" such as those sold by Two Wheel Gear and others.

You could also try carrying several days worth of clothing in a larger bag strapped to a rack, and hanging the items in your office if you have space. There are also some types of fabrics that are "wrinkle resistant" (maybe) that you might consider. Or, if possible, leave all your dress clothing at the office, and simply use a nearby dry cleaner or laundry service.

Anyway, thanks for checking out my page. Let me know if you develop any techniques for wrinkle free bike commuting.



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